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Book review: Hannah the honeybee has a dream By Lyn rose.

“Hannah the Honeybee Has a Dream” is the first picture book in the series “Hannah the Honeybee and Friends” about the life and adventures of Hannah and her best friend, Collette. This first book is about ‘making a difference,’ with the aim to show my readers that we can all contribute to society in our own way. We don’t have to be rich or famous or like anyone else to make a difference. It is more important to be ourselves. This book has a  Sweet with important messages. Great book with an important lesson on self-worth This book teaches you the  importance of Honeybees, and what we can learn from them When I was a kindergarten teacher's aide I did storytime and the children would have loved this story this book would be great in a classroom library and on your child's bookshelf. I was very happy when the author asked me to review her book the story made me smile. Very cute book with a good  message,  I love this book it teaches you about bees and what they do for us. I love wa