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Book Review: The beauty in are differences By Anysia Martin

Book Review: The beauty in are differences By Anysia Martin  This is such a cute book with a beautiful story written in a way that will teach your children about how different people can be and that is ok they are still the same person having something different in your life is how friendships are made if everyone was the same life would be boring. I like this book because it talks about everyone in all different parts of life in the story there is a boy who loves music and if you look closer you will see he is in a wheelchair to some people that would be  different but to a friend, he is just Leo   there is a girl in the story who loves to run she can run so fast she wants to be in the Olympics and win a gold medal but if you look closely at her she wears a hearing aid to help her hear some people may find that different but to a friend, she is just a wonderful amazing friend  Also in the story, there is a boy who is so good with math he knows all the answers and holds his h