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Interview Author Gabriella Messina

Interview Author Gabriella Messina
Q1. Tell me about yourself what are your favorite books to read? 
A. I’ve found that, as I continue to grow as a writer, I’ve grown more selective as a reader. I tend to choose books from the same genres that I write… mysteries, historical fiction, fantasy… and I gravitate back to older books more than newer. I like stories that move at a good, steady pace, almost like a well-made film; that isn’t preachy, but still, give you something to think about; and that have well-developed characters that act like real people. 
Q2.when did you decide you were going to write a book? I’d been 
A.writing screenplays since the early 2000s and I’d gotten some notice for them, but getting into that industry is notoriously difficult and expensive. Then I learned about the rise of indie publishing, KDP and such, and decided to try adapting the stories into novels.

Q3. How did you come up with the name of your books? 
A. Poetry, songs,  old-fashioned expressions… they all h…

Being A Big Sister

I have three beautiful sisters, we are all different ages and have a different personality that is what I like most about them is we are not all the some we like different things.

Being the big sister is not always easy because you are supposed to be the better example out of your other sisters and that is not always easy growing up everyone would tell me well you are that oldest I hated being the oldest because I felt the pusher of my sisters looking up to me.

As I little older like when I was eight I realized that I got to do more than my other sisters got to do because I was the oldest like when all my sisters were asleep, I would sit on the front porch with my mom watching the fireworks it was a lot of fun. 

Being the older sister is something different that no one can really understand you would have to be the oldest out of your siblings to understand I am not really a good role model at times I can give mean looks roll my eyes and sometimes I don't say very nice things to my si…