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interviewing Author Portia Wayne

Interviewing Author Portia Wayne

Q1. Tell me about your self what are your favorite books to read?
A. I am an avid reader and enjoy being a mom. I have three little ones. I love to read mystery and suspense books. Political dramas are awesome. Millicent Hodge is my favorite author. 
Q2.when did you decide you where going to write a book?
A. My first book was written kind of haphazardly. I wrote a book for my daughter and a friend illustrated it. We loved it so much I decided to publish it.
Q3. How did you come up with name of your books?
A. My books were all titled before writing one word. A Bad Hair Day was based on a little girl that does not want to get her hair done. When I was young these were horrible so I called it A Bad Hair Day. 

Q4. What are you working on for 2019?
A. November is NANO month so I will be writing the sequel to my novel Strings Attached. Also, I’m working on a young readers chapter book. Wish me luck. 
Q5. How long have you been writing?
A. I have been writing since I w…

Independent review Of different kinds of pop from cracker barrel 2019

Independent review Of different kinds of pop from  cracker barrel 2019
We did a pop taste test tonight my parents went to cracker barrel today and picked out different pops to try.
They picked out different pops for all of us to try tonight it was a lot of fun.
The pop we tried was
Hollywood’s original Shirley temple soda pop.
Bundaberg non-alcoholic ginger beer  my mom liked this one
Sioux sarsaparilla the granddaddy of all root beers made with cane sugar. This one was my favorite.
Delicious vintage handcrafted sweetened with pure cane sugar Americana honey cream.  This had a very sweet good taste to it 
Premium non-alcoholic butterscotch beer for all ages approved by the ministry of magical foods and drinks. My sister autumn liked this one.

My parents made a game out of them we had to close are eye and they pour the pop in to little plastic cups and we had to try them and guess what we the flavor of the pop.
We also got to try pineapple upside down cookies from cracker barrel as well and they…