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Interviewing Author Rolanda Pyle

1. Tell me about yourself? I am a licensed social worker and the author of the books-“Grandma’s Hands”  - a children's storybook,  “Finally” - a collection of inspirational poems; and the compiler of and contributor to “Beneath His Everlasting Wings”, a collection of devotionals.   My work has been published in religious and community newspapers, anthologies, collections, and journals, including the Red Penguin Collection.   In April 2004, New York's Daily News named m one of the "100 Women Who Shape Our City.", because of my work with grandparent caregivers. I love God, family, friends, church, reading, writing, Broadway plays, music, and sports.  I am a NY Knicks, METS, and Liberty fan.   2.What are your favorite books to read? The Bible;  Biographies and memoirs- recently enjoyed Cicely Tyson's, "Just as I am", poetry and I like Terri McMillian books.  3. When did you decide you were going to write a book? I  had written a lot of poetry and someone sa