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Book Review: Disco Ball Of The Universe By Imani ariana grant

Book Review: Disco Ball Of The Universe By Imani Ariana grant  Super cute book to teach your kids about and wonder about the planets in the sky and wants very impressive it the author is on 9 years old. This is the super cute book is for all ages it's very good for a child that wants to explore are planets. and they will have fun doing so by reading this book it will teach them the names of all planets in a fun-filled way. I was amazed that a 9-year-old wrote this book about how amazing is that it makes me smile. It is a fun read and your kids will love it from the pictures the fun way it shows you about are planets to the fun activities at the end of the book. Great book this book should be in a classroom library as well on your child's bookshelf.  When I was a kindergarten teachers aide I did reading time and I am sure they would have loved this book. This is also a fun way to teach your children about science in a fun-filled way the author is a