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Interviewing Author E Williams

Q1. Tell me about yourself? A. My name is Erick Williams and I live in Texas, I am happily married with three grown sons.  I am a veteran of the US Army where I was a military policeman.  I worked in juvenile corrections for almost 20 years, this is where I got the inspiration to write my books. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and working out,(not as much as I should) watching movies, and traveling to new exciting places in my spare time.  Q2.What are your favorite books to read? A.  I like reading sports figure biographies, true crime stories, and certain comic books. Q3. When did you decide you were going to write a book? A.  It was about 5 or 6 years ago while I was still working in juvenile corrections when a class I was teaching called G.R.E.A.T (Gang Resistance Education and Training) we were trying to come up with an anti-gang message I came up with a small 5 page play, titled The Last Time, we never performed the play but some of the residents told they thought it was a good story

Interviewing Author Stewart Jones

1. Tell me about yourself? I'm a husband and father to three children. I was originally raised in a small village in South Wales called Glanamman before settling down with my wife in Pontarddulais near Swansea. I work full-time as a civil servant and enjoy listening to music, playing guitar and ukulele as well as singing and of course writing. I'm also a comic book and film enthusiast. 2.What are your favorite books to read? For a writer, I actually haven't read that many books. Last year I bought myself the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings book collection. I thoroughly enjoyed the Hobbit and hope to work through the Lord of the Rings trilogy when I get time. 3. When did you decide you were going to write a book? The original idea actually came about a year before Covid. For a long time, I just sat on the idea because I didn't have an illustrator, but I kept looking until I eventually found one. So the book was about a year in the making. 4. How did you come up with the nam

hello it's me Angelika

  hello, it's  me Angelika My family and I used to travel every 13 weeks for my dad's job. We lived in 4 different parts of Florida. two parts of South Carolina and 6 different parts of Ohio. My favorite beaches we traveled were I like the honeymoon island in Florida. Myrtle beach fort st simons in Georgia Jensen Beach in port st Lucie Florida.   Stewart beach Florida. we traveled to Port Richey Florida as well as different places in Ohio.  North Carolina South Carolina and West Virginia and Virginia through different states and Tennessee.   we lived in myrtle beach south Carolina and stow Ohio.  troy Ohio mounts Vernon Ohio Massillon Ohio new Philadelphia Ohio.  Port St. Lucie Florid. Port Richey Florida.  Fort Myers Florida as well as Pensacola Florida.  We have also traveled to Kentucky and Tennessee as well as Alabama. As well as Panama city and beaches and the Emerald Coast and clear water Florida and St. Petersburg Florida and beaches.  we also got to visit tarpon sprin

Interviewing Author Imani Lewis

1. Tell me about yourself? My name is Imani Lewis, I’m a singer/songwriter, author, and voice actor. I just graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing a month after welcoming my brand new baby girl into the world. I’m getting married next month, so my world is pretty busy at the moment. 2.What are your favorite books to read? I read so many different genres but recently I’ve been really into the dark bully romances for some reason. Every couple of months I’ll read different genres so I’m not stuck on one specific type of book.  3. When did you decide you were going to write a book? In October of 2019, a book idea came to me and I told myself I NEEDED to write it. A day after that, I found out about NanoWriMo so I participated that year and ended completing my debut novel, On A Cloudy Day. That was my first time ever completing a manuscript I started.  4. How did you come up with the name of your book? It was the name of the first poem I created for the poetry book and I loved it

book review: Joe Finds His Way Home Augustine K Mulenga

This delightful story will appeal to any child who has ever been faced with a potentially scary situation. Young readers will find themselves inspired by Joe’s calmness and clear-headedness as they follow this resourceful young man on his quest to return home. At the same time, the story teaches valuable life lessons about what to do in the case of an emergency. The overriding message behind this story is clear – keep calm and never give up! When I was a kindergarten teacher's aide I would read to the children in my class this is a book that I would have loved to read to them. This would make a great book for any classroom and library. This is a great book for  your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or even for yourself, you might learn something  Great book I love the lesson in this book children will love joe's bravery and the adventure he went on to find his way back home. A great storyline for a child to enjoy.  Will Joe ever successfully find his way home? Will he be reuni