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Author Stefanie Potts

Q1. Please tell me more about yourself? A. Stefanie is a wife and mother to four children, 3 boys, and a girl. Her family lives outside of Chicago. Stefanie received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Quincy University and currently works as a publishing associate for Coleman Jones Press. Stefanie has a passion for supporting families in building strong bonds and relationships. Our society is dependent on raising strong children in our homes. Her first book focuses on sibling relationships starting in the womb. What better way to foster a relationship with siblings than through love?  Q2. What are your favorite books to read? A. I am often on the go and find it difficult to read books. I tend to stick mostly to inspirational devotionals. It encourages reading every day and gives me something positive to look forward to and implement in my life. Q3.Do you like coffee or tea? A. I like them both, especially a good iced coffee, or in the winter I enjoy some of the season

Author David Soh

  Please tell me more about yourself? I am doing Financial and have a passion for writing. Due to covid, I decided to explore writing that's why I published two books in 2022 What are your favorite books to read? Nonfiction like to explore nature cures  Do you like coffee or tea? Coffee  How many books have you written? Two  see my website Do you have a favorite bookstore? Barnes & Noble  Did you go to college for writing? No  Growing up What were your favorite books to read? Nil   How did you get inspired to write a book? To share a personal experience to help people  What hobbies do you have? Watching NETFIX  Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Nil  Where can people find you online? Facebook   David Soh Instagram Twitter