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favorite products of this month My bath Bakery spa products independent review 2018

Favorite products of this month my bath bakery spa products
My bath bakery tear free face cleanser that smells delicious it smells like cotton candy 😋 it makes your whole face smell good all you do is apply it too a cotton ball Are pad rinse off and apply lotions

There is a super cute bath bomb from my bath bakery  they 
always smell so good this was a cupcake bath bomb that 
smells just like strawberry shortcake and it even turns you 
whole bath water pink how  fun is that and it makes your skin 
feel so soft and it has 
real sprinkles on it.

This is my bath bakery ice cream min/pedicure all you do is scoop some up and add it to your hands and feet then Rinse off and add the sugar scrub the ice cream pedicure soak smells amazing and makes your hands feel so soft and it glitters and it beautiful and it smells like sweet strawberry and the sugar scrub smells like Birthday cake all you do is apply that to your hands or feet rinse off and this is beautiful too it also has glitter in it and it m…