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Book review: Mia and Dad part of a rainbow By Asaf Rozanes

Picture found on Amazon. Book review: Mia and Dad part of a rainbow By Asaf Rozanes  This is such a sweet book I like the message that Not everyone is the same and some of us have blonde hair others have brown hair and some have red blue and green hair.  Everyone is different And that ok if everyone was the same life would be sad and boring everyone is special just the way they are God made everyone different and that's what makes you. When I was a kindergarten teachers aid I did story time I loved reading to the children they would have loved this book for sure and the powerful message. This story made me smile it brought me back to my childhood at church when we used to sing the Sunday school song red and yellow black and white Jesus loves all the little children in the world. The author did an amazing Job on this story I love the message your kids will learn that not everyone is the same and that's ok it will help your child really understand tha