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Interviewing Blogger Ann Fraser

Interviewing Blogger  Ann Fraser Q1. how long have you been blogging? A. I have only been blogging for about four months.  Before that, I reviewed books for the net gallery and Good reads Q2. how did you come up with the name of your blog? A. I chose the Platinum line as Platinum is associated with the number seventy, for example, a Platinum wedding anniversary and I thought it would let me develop my blog in any direction. Q3. what is your blog centered around travel? family?  or Christian  based? anything really just family-friendly,  please. A.My tagline is financing the fun after retirement. I write about ways to earn extra money after retirement and ways to spend it. I enjoy travel. Q4. what is your goal for your blog what do you have planned for 2019? A. I would like to learn how to make it look more professional and to continue to write about subjects that interest me and connect with people who share my interests in travel and history.