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Interviewing Author Sheyanne Warren

  Sheyanne Warren 1. My name is Sheyanne Warren. I am a middle school special education teacher (socials studies & science) by day and author by night. I have a master's degree in forensic psychology. I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile and enjoy family game nights and movie nights.  2. My favorite genre is thriller/suspense and crime fiction. Most times those two genres go hand in hand. My favorite author of all time is Cynthia Eden however, my favorite author right now is Blake Pierce.  3. My first novel was published in 2018 and I decided that year that I was going to publish it. It was time for state testing and proctors and testing administrators are not allowed any electronics or anything. So I got out a notebook and began writing. Now, I am five books in.  4. First I came up with the name. I knew that I wanted the main character to be of Hispanic descent and I researched a name that I liked and decided that her name was going to be the title of the series. The rest of the