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Interviewing Author Elaina Doeden.

  Interviewing Author Elaina Doeden. 1.tell me about yourself? I am passionate about Jesus, writing, and photography. I live in Minnesota with my husband Ben and our Australian Shepherd Winnie. I love being outdoors, being active, and traveling! I got to study abroad in London in college, and England will forever have a piece of my heart. 2. what are your favorite books to read? My favorite books to read are Young Adult fiction. 3. please tell us about your book and what it is about? The Traveler's Treasures is the story of a father who embarks on a journey to all seven continents to bring back treasures for his daughter. However, he soon discovers the one treasure he cannot bring home to her.  It is a story of adventure, travel, friendship, and a parent's love for his child. 4. what are you working on for 2022? A novel is in the works. 5. what advice would you give other Authors? Don't put pressure on yourself. Write what comes to you as the story evolves. Don't fight