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Q1. Tell us about yourself. What are your favorite books to read?
A.  I write romantic suspense books and live on Lake Murray in beautiful South Carolina with my retired Navy husband, who is my go-to for colorful slang and guy talk. I have two grown children who live in Maine and San Diego. I like to write heroines who are relatable, everyday people with spunk and wit. Their only superpower is fierce independence. I’m an animal lover, and each of my three books has a dog in them. A tribute to the golden retriever that stole my heart for thirteen years and warmed my feet when I wrote on chilly mornings. My favorite books to read are romantic suspense and contemporary. I read many authors but love Jill Shalvis, Catherine Coulter, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Linda Howard.

Q2. Where did the inspiration to write come from?
A.  As a child, I loved to read, (Nancy Drew, Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and Little Women) and I wrote every night without fail in my diar…

The president of the united states John F.Kennedy

The president of the united states John F. Kennedy

John F Kennedy was the youngest president of the United  States.
He was  May 29, 1917,  He passed away on November 22, 1963, he was Assassinated from what I heard on YouTube videos about that day it was a sad day for everyone.
I have many books on John F. Kennedy I just Got a new book about him at a book store for $3.00 it comes with pictures of him and his family that I know have hanging on my wall in my room.
I love history and reading about history I watch a lot of history shows on YouTube and listen to lots of stories about John F. Kennedy. 
I start learning About John F. Kennedy when I started Learning About Marilyn Monroe I Am A big Fan of them both I am not sure why I like them so much I find them both to be very interesting and a mystery me somehow.
A lady I work with I told her that I like Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy she told me that she was five when he died.
I am very Old Fashioned I like old Celebrities that have passed aw…

My New Marilyn Monroe Purse.

My New Marilyn Monroe Purse.
My New Purse Marilyn Monroe purse came in the mail yesterday that My Grandma ordered this for me for my birthday And I was looking forward to checking the mail yesterday I love it and the best thing is it is big so I can carry everything in it.
I Love Marilyn Monroe She is my favorite actress I love all her movies. 
My favorite movies that she started in is some like it hot and how to marry a Millionaire I have seen all her movies and I like them all she was very pretty.
Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, And Died in her bed on August 5, 1962, They say that she  died of a barbiturate overdose, but I don't believe that I have watched all kinds of conspiracy theories I believe she was either murdered because she knew too much or she really did kill herself by a  barbiturate overdose  we will never know how she died that night on August 5, I just find it A little strange how she died right after singing happy birthday to John F Kenned at his birthday ce…