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Interviewing Author Sheri Pape

Sheri Poe-Pape,  Amazon Bestselling & Multi-award-winning Children's Book Author Q1. Please tell me more about yourself?  A. Though I have written many internet articles about people in the arts and in history, "Cassie's Marvelous Music Lessons", "Cassie Pup Takes the Cake??", and "Cassie Pup's Favorite Ladybug and Snake Stories" is my first three children's books. I am also the Director/Educator of the Pape Conservatory of Music for the past forty-two years.  ​ I am a graduate of Northern Illinois University where I studied Music, English and Creative Writing.  I live with my family in Northern Illinois, where I continue to write and teach music. Q2. What are your favorite books to read?   A. Children's picture books and biographies. Q3. Do you like coffee or tea?   A. I like both, especially English teas. Q4. How many books have you written?   A. I have written three children's books. Q5. Do you have a fa

Michael Richard

Q1. Please tell me more about yourself? A. I’m a Christian and a person of faith. I always wanted to be a writer, but my thinking in college was I should be practical. In college, I ended up with a Business degree from CSU, Chico and later an MBA degree in International Business from George Washington in D.C. That is where I met my wife, who greatly, though indirectly, influenced my writing career. My wife was born in HK but adopted into an American family from N.J. Chosen’s Beautiful Heart is my first book and fictional novel. My wife and I live in Davis, CA, and have two young adult children in their 20’s. Q2. What are your favorite books to read? A. Growing up, I loved Milo and his adventures in The Phantom Tollbooth. I remember thinking he could go anywhere in that tollbooth. Maybe that is why I am a writer. I’m fascinated by places like Hong Kong and China. Like Milo, there is still so much to learn. Q3. Do you like coffee or tea? A. I drink coffee 4-5 times a week. When our daugh