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Interviewing Twin Authors: Susan Lavin and Patti Sapp

Q1. Please tell me more about yourself?  A. We are twin sisters, and we’ve been telling stories in both professional settings and to our own children and now grandkids for many years. We share a love for our natural environment, and also have a deep connection to each other. Q2. What are your favorite books to read?  A. We both have the same preference for books, as it turns out, similar to the ones we write.  We enjoy nature, strong women characters, serene settings, and stories that include plot twists.  We steer clear of books with violence, especially towards women and children, but like to read about kindness, compassion, and empathy. Q3. Do you like coffee or tea?  A. Patti likes Sumatra coffee, and Susan likes Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea. Q4. How many books have you written?  A. We have written three books, creating the Tree-Hugger series. The books include: Listen to the Trees, Magical Forest Musings, and Whispers Under the Chestnut. A few descriptions from reader reviews includ