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Book Review: Kai and daddyman by Michelle Person

Found this picture on Google Book Review: Kai and daddyman by Michelle Person This is such a cute story about a little girl named Kai I think it is really sweet how she sees her dad as a superman someone who she really looks up too they have fun together and laugh together. This is such a charming and story very easy to read I would recommend this book for ages 3 and 6.  The pictures and story will captivate your child attaching by the colorful pictures and the author did an amazing job on the story this should be in a classroom library.  When I was a kindergarten teachers aid I did the story time and I would have loved to read this to the children they would have loved the story as well. The illustrator did an amazing job on the pictures in this book this is such a cute little story that would be great for a bedtime reading book to read to your child at night. A perfect read for bedtime or anytime it's simple and easy and cute story. Sweet story on