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book review Let's eat together by Author: Reid Kaplan

Book review Let's eat together by Author: Reid Kaplan This is such a cute little book for children it is about a group of animals that you never see eating together or spending time together, but when there is food at a table there is no reason eats or chase after each other.  This book has a great portraying message for children;  It will teach them good healthy eating.  What I like about this book is how it shows you and your family how important it is to eat at the table as a family I loved sitting at the table with my family growing up, being the oldest out of my sisters, I would help my mom set and clean off the table and helping my mom feed the baby and helping my sisters at the dinner table I have so many good memories being at the table with my family.  This is a great book for children when I was a kindergarten teacher’s aid I would read to the kids they would have loved this story.  A book like this would make a great gift for any child i