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Interview With Author Pamela Kopfler

Interview With Author Pamela Kopfler  Q1. Tell us about yourself. What are your favorite books to read? A.  Hi, ya'll. My friends say I’m Southern-fried and I admit it’s true. I live in South Louisiana where the spirits are restless; the food is spicy, and the living is divine.  I can stir up a roux, mix a cocktail, shoot anything (as long as it doesn’t have eyes), and love swapping stories. Putting words on the page keeps my alligator mouth from overloading my hummingbird heinie in real life. I mark my time on this earth by the lives of the dogs I’ve loved and who often show up in my stories. My current fur baby is a seventy-pound pup in black, a fearless hunter and protector––when he’s not pretending he’s a lapdog.  I write humorous mysteries with a kick of Southern sass. My award-winning debut novel, BETTER DEAD, is the first in my B & B Spirits mystery series (Kensington Books). Book two in the series, DOWNRIGHT DEAD, released in 2018 and book three, HOG WILD