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how to keep you and your family safe.

how to keep you and your family safe. Here are some ways to keep you and your family safe on the internet all social media accounts and in public. There are so many evil people in the world today that are not who they say they are on the internet and some could be people using a fake account they could be sexual predators that you are talking to and scam artist so always be mindful of that when you are on the internet. stay clear of chat groups are some websites that you  are not familiar with like gaming sites and some dating sites are not the best to go on because with all the crime shows I watch there is a crime show called the web of lies and you will be amazed of how many people fall for the lies that people tell them. If you have children on the computer always monitor what website they are on who they are talking too and what games they are playing always be mindful of what your children and family are doing on the computer growing up we never had ou