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Me and my best friends Adam

Let me introduce you to my best friend Adam we have been best friends for years now and since high school, we first met at church but were not as close as we know we really got to know each other more through school and church events we even went to all the school dances together.   Adam has a way of making me feel special he made me this picture in 2008 when we were in high school I missed school for a couple of weeks due to epilepsy so he missed me and he made this picture I loved it and it means so much to me. And he made my other pictures too that I keep in my scrapbooks like for valentines day he made me a heart. Adam was a answer to prayer of mine i asked God to sent me good Christian friends because I did not know anyone in high school I was homeschooled most of my life so I was thankful God brought Adam in to my life to be my friend and I am blessed by that  and he is too we were both praying for friends and God brought  use to together to be best friends