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My Favorite Accessories Earrings And Hats

More of my favorite pair of earrings Favorite Hat My Favorite Hat My Favorite Purple Earrings. My Favorite Accessories! Every Girl Has a favorite Accessory. That could be  purses our shoes and Jewelry really anything. I like earrings i am a earring kind of girl.  I were earrings were ever i go my favorite pair of earrings are the purple ones in the picture.  I also like hats my favorite hat is the blue and sparkly one in the picture i could were that Hat everywhere. My whole Jewelry box has earrings in them lots of beautiful earrings.  I like all kinds long dangling earring and studs. to  My favorite stores to shop for earrings our walmart and clarie's at the mall. I started liking earrings when i got my ears pierced at fifteen My mom friend at the time had all kinds of earrings and she let me have a pair of them and i wear them everywhere they were the most beautiful earrings i have ever seen they were blue and dangled and spa