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Interviewing Author Pradeep Swaminathan

  1. Tell me about yourself? Well, I have had a fairly successful corporate career in India and in some places of the world. I now help poor farmers organize themselves and increase the money they make through some smart strategies. Writing is a hobby and not a profession. I am 62 years and started writing seriously at 55. 2.What are your favorite books to read? I love the classics  Charles Dickens  Wilkie Collins  and also PG Wodehouse  3. When did you decide you were going to write a book? I first wrote an article for Readers Digest. This is an international magazine and when I was in Johannesburg, South Africa our car had a blowout on the highway. Joburg is called the crime capital on the world. This blowout took place at night. A car stopped and we thought we were going to be robbed. These guys helped us and set us on our way. I wrote about this and sent it to Readers Digest. The article was well accepted and so my interest in writing began.  4. How did you come up with the name of