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Old Historical bridges and Dames in Ohio.

Old Historical bridges and Dames in Ohio.  Went to some really awesome places with my friend Colleen today she took me to her hometown and gave me a tour this  bridge was built in like the 1900 or so she when this bridge was working she would drive on it two cars could drive on it and when It was snowing you just slide right on down she would ride the school bus on this bridge too even when  the water was high it was cool to see and learn about the history.  The dame was built on 1935 her grandpa helped build this bridge and people go rock climbing down this and you can see the farm her grandpa owns it was really cool you should check out my videos and her and learn the cool history about it. I love seeing old bridges and learning about all the historical places that are in Ohio and we have been to quite a few we have lived in Mount Vernon Ohio and they had a lot of historical brides too we went on one there before and went under the bridge too the