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The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too.

The Lord Makes me Happy and he makes my soul happy too. I would say the first thing that refreshes my soul and makes me happy is My lord and savior Jesus Christ he is my everything I am very thankful for my salvation I am thankful for what he did for me and that is dying on a cross for my sins so I could live with him forever and that he came back to life too for he is not dead he is alive and living in me because I am saved and asked him into my heart and to forgive me of my sins he means so much to me he is my rock someone I can go to for anything he is also my Lord and Savior he is king and I am happy to call him my best friend he goes everywere with me and he is always beside me I can call him anytime through prayer and I can spend time with him in the morning are at night by reading my bible and listing to what he is telling me and my deepedt desire is to be used by him he has been there for me and my family and has used me for many things and many wonderful things.

I went to the Ohio theater to see the Nutcracker 2017

A friend of mine got four free tickets to go see The Nutcracker at the Ohio Theater in Columbus Ohio. The theater is beautiful I felt like I was in the Anastasia movie I loved feeling all fancy and dressing up for a girls night out to see The Nutcracker the Chandeliers were beautiful defiantly a sight to see and simply breathtaking. They had children singing Christmas music as you walked around waiting for the show to start the children's choir did an amazing job singing they sounded great and they all had beautiful voices. There was so much to see and do they had a concession stand where you can buy snacks and drinks and they also had a nutcracker souvenir you can buy and the whole place is just beautiful it truly is the lady's bathroom is beautiful it is decorated very nicely. The show was simply beautiful very magical I am so happy I got to have this amazing experience the Nutcracker is a beautiful show and very creative the music