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Interview - Tina Hogan Grant

Interview - Tina Hogan Grant Interview - Tina Hogan Grant 1-Tell me about yourself what are your favorite books to read? I was born in England and moved to the United States in 1979. I am the youngest daughter of science fiction author, James P. Hogan. After moving to California, I became a commercial fisherwoman and spent ten years fishing off the southern coast of California with my husband Gordon. After retiring from fishing, we moved to Frazier Park, a small mountain community in California, and spent the next ten years building our dream home, doing most of the work ourselves. Now we are able to do what we enjoy most and live life at a slower pace. Grant’s passions include writing, reading, kayaking, hiking, and riding ATVs. I love to read most genre’s including Contemporary Romances, Romantic Comedies, Cozy Mysteries and Memoirs. 2.when did you decide you were going to write a book? Reckless Beginnings is women’s fiction based on true events that have happened in my life. Tammy M

Interviewing Author William Schlichter, Author

. Tell me about yourself? I am a teacher, father, and recently a grandfather. I enjoy the adventures life has to offer and keep working toward my goal of being an author for a living. I am an award-winning screenwriter and author who enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror. When not writing, I enjoy traveling; spending time on the comic convention circuit; and teaching acting, composition, and creative writing.  2.What are your favorite books to read? Mostly, dystopias are my favorite. I’ve always enjoyed the what-happens-after-the-world-     ends stories, like 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale. But I read whatever I find interesting. When I am writing a certain kind of novel, say, vampires, then I am reading all kinds of vampire stories.  3. When did you decide you were going to write a book? I was three and a half years old, and my parents took me to see Star Wars, at the drive-in. It’s my earliest full memory, and I knew after watching this spectacle that I didn’t want to be

interviewing Author Glynnis Campbell

  interviewing Author Glynnis Campbell Q1. Tell me about yourself? A. I'm a USA Today bestselling author of swashbuckling "medieval action-adventure romances," mostly set in Scotland, with 25+ books published in six languages. But before I was a medieval matchmaker, I rocked in an all-girl band called The Pinups on CBS Records, did voiceovers for the MTV animated series, "The Maxx," Diablo and Starcraft videogames, and Star Wars audio adventures, and married a rock star. These days I love to transport readers to a place where the bold heroes have endearing flaws, the women are stronger than they look, the land is lush and untamed, and chivalry is alive and well! Q2.What are your favorite books to read? A. I'm an eclectic reader! I've always loved the classic historical romances of Jude Deveraux, Julie Garwood, and Tanya Anne Crosby. But I also gobble up everything by Stephen King and Dean Koontz, the essays of Malcolm Gladwell, Ray Bradbury's science

Interviewing Author Tricie Graham

Interviewing Author Tricie Graham 1. Tell me about yourself? My name is Tricie Graham. I am a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls. I am the founder of Like A TreeSee Productions Publishing Company and the Founder of the Remnant group on Facebook. 2.What are your favorite books to read? I like Christian Prophetic books like Ana Werner’s Seeing Behind the Veil and Jonathan Welton’s The School of the Seers 3. When did you decide you were going to write a book? I decided to write a book in early Spring 2020 at the start of the pandemic after recovering from COVID-19. 4. How did you come up with the name of your book? The crucifixion of Jesus took place on an elevated hill. It was symbolic of the Biblical Old Testament sacrifices that took place on hills. Since it was the ultimate sacrifice that covered the sins of the whole world, I entitled it A Higher Place of Worship. 5. What are you working on for 2021? I am currently finishing up my second book, Posture. I am also helping my husband