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My Favorite coffee shop in Marietta Ohio. Jeremiahs coffee house

My Favorite coffee shop in Marietta Ohio. Jeremiahs coffee house  I Love Jeremiah's coffee house in Marietta Ohio. What I like most about this coffee shop is that it has friendly staff working there and it is family-friendly.  They have diet-friendly food like gluten-free and keto desserts and more. My favorite drink to get there is a sugar-free hazelnut iced coffee decaf with heavy cream.   My mom and I enjoy stopping here when we can we love the wraps and sandwiches as well as the keto desserts. My mom loves there Quiche.  If you ever find yourself in Marietta Ohio make sure you top and check out Jeremiah's coffee house.  Here is there website My mom's website.  

Interviewing Author Violeta Bagia

Interviewing Author  Violeta Bagia  Q1. Tell me about yourself? A. I was born in Bosnia and migrated to Australia in the early 90s. Learning English, trying to fit in and make new friends was one of the main drivers for me to learn how to write. I found comfort in books and quickly began writing my own stories. After several teachers encouraged me to nurture my passion, I wrote and published my first poem when I was 12 years old. Later in life, the need to empower girls and women became a passion were taking back control became a frequent theme in my books. Watching kickass characters like Buffy Summers and Sydney Bristow further fueled that desire. Today, I am an advocate for sexual assault survivors, anti-bullying, and diversity. I was longlisted twice for the Davitt Awards here in Australia which celebrates female crime writers. I’m currently represented by Vulpine Press who are also advocates for strong female voices and leading the charge for women in literature. Q2.What are your