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Book Review: weird and wacky creatures by K.B. carr

Book Review: weird and wacky creatures by K.B. carr book found on google This is such a great educational Book that is filled with fun pictures and I love books about animals. Reading this book sure is fun I never know that there were some weird creatures in the world and in this book the Author will show you some really weird and interesting creatures.  This book is incredibly fun and as well as entertaining I loved it this book is a great read for all ages and full of interesting facts the author did an amazing job writing this book. In this book, you will not only see the weird animals you will also read some interesting facts about the animals and there are some fun craft projects you can make that has to do with the animal. This book would be great in a science classroom as well as on your child's bookshelf. You and Your children are going to love this book you are not going to be disappointed I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves to r