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Interviewing Author Eileen Moynihan

Interviewing Author Eileen Moynihan Q1.1. Tell me about yourself. What are your favorite books to read? A. I was born in Essex England but grew up on the Isle of Wight. I came to Ireland in 1978. I lived in West Cork with my family and moved to Co. Roscommon with my husband 9 years ago, after taking early retirement from teaching. I have self-published 4 children’s books: ‘Rory Gumboots,’ ‘The Reckolahesperus,’ ‘Hattie and Jacques Love London’ and ‘The Dreamsmith.’ I also have stories published in 3 anthologies, ‘Ring Around The Moon,’ ‘Midir and Etain,’ and ‘The King at the Back of the Hill.’ I was recently involved in a collaborative novella called ‘Let Him Lie’ with other members of Longford Writers group. One of my favorite books growing up was ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ by Phillipa Pearse. I loved ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S. Lewis. ‘Little Women’ by Louisa M. Alcott was another favorite. As an adult, I have enjoyed books by Maeve Binchy. Q2. When did

Interviewing Author Michael Allyn LaBorn

Interviewing Author Michael Allyn LaBorn Q1.1. Tell me about yourself, what are your favorite books to read?  A. What is there to say about me? Hmm. I live in a small town with my wife and our two daughters. I have been faithfully serving the Church for well over a decade, and boy has it been a wild ride! Most recently, we started a House Church and have been pouring the majority of our time and energy into calling this generation of the Church back into the basics of our faith. As for my favorite books, there are more than I can possibly name! Top five would probably be: The Practice of the Presence (Brother Lawrence), The Pursuit of God (Tozer), The Pursuit of Man (Tozer), Pagan Christianity (George Barna and Frank Viola) and The Master Narrative (Yeah, I had to throw one of my own books in there! Loyalty and whatnot). Q2.When did you decide you were going to write a book?  A. Oh, I think I was born with the knowledge that this is what I was going to do with my l