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Interviewing Author Kimberly Griggs

Interviewing Author Kimberly Griggs Q1. Tell me about yourself? A. My name is Kimberly Griggs, and I reside in the shadows of D.C. where the traffic is terrible, but the things to do are abundant. I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 24 years. We were babies when we tied the knot, obviously. ☺ We have two teenage boys who are the greatest kids alive, and our family life ventures toward the wacky and zany most days. I love the outdoors! Paddleboarding and kayaking on the lake with my husband is my favorite pastime in the summer. We also sing and make music together regularly and recently started writing our own songs. I’m originally from the Atlanta area and love going back to our North Georgia hometown when we’re able. And most recently, I’ve adopted a ton of plants and a window birdfeeder that I obsess over constantly. My grandmother would be proud if they could see me now! Like Mallory Hemingway, I’m always on a mission to find adventure, but also like Mallory Hemingway adv