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Book review: The Dream Lures By T.S. Thompson

Book review: The Dream Lures By T.S. Thompson  This is truly a magical book the main character Samantha is suffering From a horrible thing her parents' death, she goes to live with new foster parents who are also suffering a loss as well but they are kind and open their home up to her. The author, T.S. Thompson, has done a beautiful job writing the story of each character, revealing each person’s story and motivations.  This is book two in the series.  My Favorite Character in the story is Mr. Midnight, the powerful wolf protecting her in the Land of Good Dreams. This is a great book for any age, it is a must-read and you should give it a try you will not be disappointed. I like how easy it is to fall in love with each character and really feel like you are in the land of good dream with them.  I think it would be super cool if there really was a land of good dreams were you could go. I would like to say thank you to T.S. Thompson for allowing me to review her book on my blog.  I w

Interviewing Author Kimberly Biddle

Interviewing Author Kimberly Biddle  Q1. Tell me about your self? A. I am married to a wonderful husband named Chris and we have a wonderful 13-year-old son.  I was born in a small village town in Illinois, but now I live in the Capitol of California. I have a Double BA in Psychology and Music from the University of Redlands.  I also have a Ph.D. in Child and Adolescent Development from Stanford University GSE. I love music and singing.  I am the co-author of two textbooks and the sole author of two picture books.  I have an edited textbook and another picture book that will be released in 2021. I have a cat named Pumpkin. I am currently working on another (my fourth) picture book and a middle-grade novel. Both of my alma maters have given me awards for my career and achievements.  My first picture book was a finalist in the 2019 American Fiction Awards. Q2.What are your favorite books to read? A. I love reading children' s books.  I do that for pleasure and for honing my craft.  I