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Book review: It"s my Hair , I don't care By Tricia Khan

Book review: It"s my Hair,  I don't care  By Tricia Khan  it's a book inspired by Tricia's son, who LOVES his curly hair but does not like to comb it. It expresses the true feelings of many kids with curly hair. The story is fun adventurous and will have you and your child reflecting on your own experience. The Author Tricia did An amazing Job with this fun book. I loved the story and the pictures in the book. This Cute little book would make a great gift for any child. It is the perfect book to add to their book self your children would love for you to read this to them at night.  The author did an amazing job on this book;  The illustrations in this book are so cute and exquisite.  I really enjoyed this book and how cute it was.  This book would be great in a classroom for the teacher to read to the students in the classroom.  I RECEIVED A COMPLIMENTARY COPY OF THE BOOKS FOR THE BOOK REVIEWS ON THIS BLOG BUT WAS NOT REQUIRED TO LEAVE A REVIEW.  ALL OPINIONS ARE MINE.