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Interviewing Brock yurich Actor

                       Interviewing Brock Yurich Actor 1 Q: how did you get started in Your  career A: HE got started in middle school. He was really involved in the drama club. He moved to Florida his sophomore year. he was lucky because there were theater competitions in Florida and he loved competing in them. he then went to college in Orlando to study theater and after college, he moved to New York City. he kept taking acting classes in New York and his professor introduced him to his Manager Cyrena. She signed him as her client in 2012 and has been representing him as an actor ever since. She helps him with everything, auditions, agents, classes. 2 Q: Did you have any special training  A: Special training, yeah since high school. he learned how to act doing plays and competing with monologues at Competitions. Then he went to College and took a ton of different kinds of theater classes. We took an acting class, singing classes, make up class, Theater histo