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Interviewing Author Sylvia Pell

Interviewing Author  Sylvia Pell 1. Tell me about yourself?  Answer: I always loved to read and had a vivid imagination as a young child.  My daydreaming would turn into imaginative stories.  My inner thoughts of passions, inspirations, and dreams would transpire into poems, short stories, and some art doodling.  I enjoy music, painting, and traveling.  I love being a Nana to my grandson!  I live in the beautiful state of Texas with my husband and bulldog.  2.What are your favorite books to read?  Answer: As my journey in life started reading as a young child, I enjoyed the Nancy Drew & Hardy Boy series.  I also had a fancy with Judy Blume & VC Andrews series books in my early teen years.  I later branched out to various types of non-fiction Christian books, and Real Estate platforms.  I was eager to learn everything I could get my hands on; to better myself as an individual and advance within my career.    The enjoyment of relaxing outdoors with my favorite thriller type of bo