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Independent book review: Froggy learns to swim by Jonathan Landon and Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Independent book review: Froggy Learns to Swim by Jonathan Landon and Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz  The Froggy series has always been my favorite book ever since I was little too. My favorite book from the series is Froggy Bakes a Cake when my sisters and I were little we enjoyed reading this to our mom.  The Froggy book series is great for ages 2-4 years. This is a great book to add to your children's summer reading list. When I was a kindergarten teacher aide I enjoyed reading to the child This is a book that I would love  to read to them. The author did an amazing job on this book;  The illustrations in this book are so cute and exquisite.  This is a book I had on my bookshelf that love and thought I would do an independent review on it. ALL OPINIONS ARE MINE.  Make sure look or check if your local library carries the Froggy series