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Book Review: Kitten & Butterfly Kitten and Friends Volume 1 By Aviva Gittle

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 Book Review: Kitten & Butterfly    Kitten and Friends Volume 1By Aviva Gittle 
This is such a cute story I love the friendship between kitten and butterfly it is so cute.
The Author did a great with this story by telling children that you don't have to do the same thing as someone else to be friends friendship comes in all sizes and shapes not everyone is the some yet you can still be friends.
The pictures in this book are so cute and very colorful the illustrator did an amazing job on the colorful pictures that children will fall in love with as well as the story. 
When I was a kindergarten teachers aid I did story time and would read to the kids this is a book I would have loved to read to them and they would have loved this book.
This book would be great in a classroom library or on your child's bookshelf this is a book you could read to your child every night.
This book would Have a great lesson to teach your child and that is how to be kind you too …