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My top ten family - friendly places to visit in myrtle beach.

My top ten family-friendly places to visit in myrtle beach. 1. On the list is Broadway at the beach this is the first places we visited when we moved to myrtle beach they have everything here little shops and restraints my favorite shop was yours and Mayan it is a cute little shop that sells purses and crafts as well as jewelry. They have a feed the fish machine you put money in and fish food comes out and you can through the food in the water for the fish to eat I am posing by the machine because my last name is fish lol. There is also a movie theater inside and different attractions to can do wonderworks is a fun science center and they have rides you can go on and a playground. 2. on my list is market commons it is beautiful there they also have different kinds of little shops to look at and many restraints to pick from they have this cute little crepe shop where you can eat different kinds of crepes and they have it decorated so cute like you are walking

interviewing children's author & illustrator sanghamitra Dasgupta

this it children's author & illustrator Sanghamitra Dasgupta I had the opportunity to interview her for my blog. Q1. Well, I was quite a reader in my school days..My favorite books were always like ghost stories and comics, and when I became professional and started illustrating for books, I read so many books. That inspired me to think about the writing. After my job for 1 year as a school teacher, I permanently thought about to write children's book Q2. Well When I started writing, I make sure to give the book a proper I came up with some name and finalize that Q3. Well currently in 2018 till now my 8 books are being published. ( 4 books written and illustrated by me) and ( 4 books illustrated by me.) And There are like 3 or 4 more books to be illustrated by me and I am also working on my own next book's story concept. Q4. Well, I am writing for the last 2 years whether I am illustrating since last 26years. So yeah this is a match