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Interviewing Author Dr. Shon Lewis Author & Inspirational Speaker

Hi Ms. Angelika 🙂 Good to hear from you. Q1.  tell me about yourself?  I am a Christian Professor, Wellness Life Coach, Inspirational  Motivational Speaker and Author I empower people about healing from trauma and crises, and to see the brighter side of life. Q2. what are your favorite books to read? My favorite books to read are  Christian, psychology, and children's books. Q3 what are you working on for 2022? I am working on a series of Coco books for 2022.  Q4. what advice would you give other Authors? Advice to Authors is to pray and journal their thoughts and feelings. Q5. what is your favorite drink and snack when you are reading a book? I like to drink tea reading books. Q6.what is your favorite coffee drink? I don't drink coffee. Q7. what are your favorite book store and coffee shop? My favorite book store is Barnes Noble, where some of my books are located. Q8. did you go to college to be a writer? I had a natural gift to write since childhood. Q9. Where can people fi