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interviewing author Cynthia MacGregor Freelance writer/editor

Q1.  when did you decide you were going to write a book? A. In 1992 I was editing magazines and had an idea for a one-shot mag. My then best friend was bemoaning the fact that Christmas vacation was approaching and she didn't have any idea how to keep her kids occupied for the two weeks. I realized this was a universal problem and suggested to the publisher I was editing for that he put out a magazine filled with activities that bored kids could do over vacation. By now it was too close to Christmas to get the mag out in time for Christmas vacation, but I said I could have it written and edited in time to publish it for Easter vacation.        He considered the idea but ultimately decided against it. It was too good an idea to give up on, however, and I came up with the audacious-seeming idea to edit it as a book. I would write as much of it myself as I could but invite friends and fellow writers to contribute ideas as well and, when the book sold, I would co