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Interviewing author Cynthia Robinson

Interviewing author Cynthia Robinson  when did you decide you were going to write a book?  A. I don’t believe I decide I was going to write a book as much as it needed to be written. Q.2 how did you come up with the name of your books?  A. All of my books have some biblical reference to them. My first book entitled I Am Leah was written about Leah Jacob’s first wife in the Bible.  The recent one entitled Know your Crazy Accept your Crazy was written because I show the craziness of time ( Reality TV) and wanted to address it.  Q. 3 what are you working on now for 2018?   A. I am working in a couple of e-courses and a conference that will happen in April 2019.  Q 4. how long have you been writing?  A. I have been writing since I was a little girl. Journaling is an outlet that allows me to express how I feel without the judgment of others. I can also see the changes in me by going back and looking at past entries. Q 5. What advice wo