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Book review:Who am I by Suzanne Mulcahy

Book review: Who am I by Suzanne Mulcahy                                                                                 This is such a cute little about a panda bear named Yin who learns about himself including his heart that holds a special gift that he can bring to the world. This is a very cute book that will teach children that it is OK to be you.  Who Am I? Yin is a young panda bear who is discovering who he is - his personality, his likes and dislikes, his different moods and his thoughts. "I think about many things. Sometimes I think about my family...Sometimes I think about food. Are my thoughts part of me?" Yin is learning that he is created in an amazing way that we can all relate too He is fascinated with himself. Yin is Most happy when he learns about his heart and the love and the special gifts that come from his heart your heart is full of love it has all the special gifts that you can give to someone just by smiling at them and showing the

Book review: Margot Gets an unexpected visit By Lieve Snellings

                                                                                                                                                picture found on Amazon Book review: Margot Gets an unexpected visit By  Lieve Snellings This is such a cute little book about a groundhog who's name is Margot who meats to little girls It is a heartwarming tale about friendship.  The two girls     Lowieske and Marie are two sisters from Belgium who vacation in Quebec. They share their feelings and enjoy adventures together. Margot keeps her own journal. She shares information about her distant relatives, the squirrels. children become aware of the many similarities between humans and the groundhog families. This book is very educational that would be great in a classroom library as well as your child book self-parents does your child love animals and enjoy reading about animals then they are going to love this cute little storybook about Margot the groundhog. The Aut