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Educational Spring Break Ideas For 2017

Spring Break Ideas For 2017 Looking for a fun and a  educational family vacation this summer well you came to the right place. This spring break make sure you visit Tarpon springs Florida It is the largest Sea sponge capital of the world i have learned a lot about sea sponges from visiting there and i did not know there was so many different kinds of sea sponges. And we got to learn how they harvest them. When i was there i asked a fishermen who just came in from being out in the sea i ask him how long were you out at sea he said 17 days that is a long time. If you ever Go to port st Lucie make sure you visit the Manatee and Observation Center you will have to check some days are free and it is a fun and educational place to visit and you get to see the bones of a real manatee hang on the wall and other awesome things you will get to see and they have a big tower you can walk up to look for manatees in the water we did not get to see any that day. And they have hands o