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Book review:Groundhog secrets everything you always wanted to no about woodchucks

                                                                      Found this picture on Amazon  Book review: Groundhog secrets everything you  always wanted to no about woodchucks Ever wanted to know more about woodchucks well here is a great book to learn all about them. This cute little book is about a woodchuck named Margot who has a secret she would like to share with all of you read the book to find out what the secret will be. This is a great book for kids to learn all about the amazing woodchuck it is super cute and will keep your kids interested in learning about woodchucks the story is so cute and the pictures are what really make the book. I love these kinds of books because I love learning about animals and different kinds of animals. This cute little book is very educational and cute. The author did a really good job on this cute little children's book that your child would like you to read over and over again. You should put this on your chi