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Book review Kids Cooking Kid Friendly Kitchen Safety Tips. by Terri B, Jones

8 and 10-year-old Army kids Chrisette and Milanie Salim spend their Sunday evenings making preview and review videos of Kids Alexa Skills. They love going to their grandma's “Chickee” house on Sundays since their mom works every Sunday (Army Vet) and dad serves in the Army in another state.  Milanie’s interest is coding, Chrisette loves dancing and Chickee is a techie which is the perfect combination for hanging out with “Alexa”. Subscribe, like, and share Chrisette and Milanie Kids Alexa Skills they love with your family and friends. Kids ready to cook can learn kid-friendly kitchen cooking safety tips to avoid germs, burns, and other things to learn. This is a super cute book I like it. This would be a great book for any child that loves to cook plus it teaches them how to stay safe in the kitchen. Growing up we had pizza Friday fun night I loved helping my mom in the kitchen making pizza so did my 3 sisters,  I believe that this is a great book not just for kids but adults too e