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Book Review: The Dragon Keeper Chronicles Book 1 Crimson By Tai Manivong

Book Review: The Dragon Keeper Chronicles Book 1 Crimson By Tai Manivong The Dragon Keeper Chronicles Book 1 Crimson  Is a very good book that is a quick read and is a wonderful book. The Author  Tai Manivong did an amazing job on the story and I just loved the cover it is beautiful.  This book would make for a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for anyone that likes a good book and enjoy reading.  It is a must-read you should differently read this. This book has  228 pages and it makes for a great book for all ages. It is a fun read and enjoyable I like the message in the story as well you can do anything that you set your mind too. The Dragon Keeper Chronicles Book 1 Crimson is a very good read and a great fantasy book. You can find this amazing book On Amazon I RECEIVED A COMPLIMENTARY COPY OF THE BOOKS FOR THE BOOK REVIEWS ON THIS BLOG BUT WAS

Interviewing Author T.G. Campbell

Interviewing Author T.G. Campbell  1. Tell me about yourself what are your favorite books to read? A. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a police officer when I was older. Unfortunately, due to certain health issues, I couldn’t apply. Naturally, I was disappointed, but I decided to do the next best thing: write about being a police officer. Thus, my very first writing project was the “Sunsdale Murders” screenplay featuring hard-talking Chief Inspector Collette Campbell. I wrote two further “episodes” and have the scripts in my archive to this day.  These days I write a series of “clue-puzzle” style mysteries, set in Victorian London, which follow a group of fictional detectives called the Bow Street Society. Each of the Society’s civilian members has been enlisted for their unique skill or exceptional knowledge in a particular field derived from their usual occupation. Members are assigned to cases, by the Society's clerk, Miss Trent, based upon these skills and f