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Book review: Nathaniel English the life of a panther by Michelle Person

        Book review: The life of a Panther by                               Michelle Person   This a super cute book it follows Nathaniel as he organizes a project at his elementary school and the similarities between his project and the many organized by Black Panther Huey P. Newton. I like how Nathaniel wanted to help the kindergarten teacher by setting up a tutoring program all year long as well as offering to help the teachers by volunteering. I can relate to this story because I was a kindergarten teacher's aide I did story time I really enjoyed that, I also volunteered by helping the other teachers as well. This is a great story to share with your children to teach them that they to can help out by volunteering and starting a program at a school that can help the students and teachers out. In high school, I volunteered by helping with the recycling program and doing cookie shop cleaning the kitchen for the school I also helped by packing lunches for stude