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Book Review: Victor Viola Moves To Music Town By Melinda Logan

Book review: Viola Moves To Music Town By                                                   Melinda Logan
This is a super cute story about a musical instrument named Viola who is afraid to move away to a new home this story will teach little kids that it is ok to move away.
The author did an amazing Job with this cute story and the illustration is so cute.
The author Melinda did a great job by teaching your children that you can make new friends in a new town I love the cute little music instruments in the story.
I was a kindergarten teachers aid and I did story time I wish I could have read this to the children they would have loved it I differently recommend this book for little ones.
This book would be great in a classroom library as well as on your child's bookshelf.
This book is very educational and has bright colors that your child would love and it is a very fun story to tell.
I can tell you that your child will fall in love with this from day one you too can smile as you read thi…

Book review: Nathaniel English the life of a panther by Michelle Person

Book review: The life of a Panther by                               Michelle Person  
This a super cute book it follows Nathaniel as he organizes a project at his elementary school and the similarities between his project and the many organized by Black Panther Huey P. Newton.
I like how Nathaniel wanted to help the kindergarten teacher by setting up a tutoring program all year long as well as offering to help the teachers by volunteering.
I can relate to this story because I was a kindergarten teacher's aide I did story time I really enjoyed that, I also volunteered by helping the other teachers as well.
This is a great story to share with your children to teach them that they to can help out by volunteering and starting a program at a school that can help the students and teachers out.
In high school, I volunteered by helping with the recycling program and doing cookie shop cleaning the kitchen for the school I also helped by packing lunches for students. Help your kids find a way th…