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Book review: One tiny turtle By Christina Van Starkenburg

The author sent me this cover picture to use. review: One tiny turtle By Christina Van Starkenburg This is just a cute children's book about a little sea turtle not only can you read this book to your kids but you can color the pictures with them too. I know a lot of children that like to read and color this would make a great gift for them to have and to add to there book collection. This book would be great in a classroom for an art class or in a daycare. The author did an amazing job and what great ideas she had to turn a children's book into a coloring book as well. I have a lot of cousins that would have loved this book and really enjoy it. the one tiny turtle book us good for parents and teachers and also grandparents to read to there kids and students. This book is a sweet story and it is a good way to help your kids be creative and have fun with art and coloring as well as using there imagination. I  love the under the sea theme