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Interviewing my friend kimmy and danny about adoption

These or my friend's Danny and Kimmy with there two beautiful little girls they adopted Hope and grace love the names they are truly a beautiful family and I am glad to call them my friends.
Their daughters are so sweet

Q. Question 1 first question how did you know adoption was right for you?

 A. We had felt that God was leading us to adopt. We had prayed about adoption for a while but it had to be the right time. We had been married for 14 years and always knew that we wanted to be parents. We struggled with infertility and went through our own healing process from that.  It was then that we knew we were ready to help a child in need. We had first thought we were just going to adopt a baby and just one child but God had bigger plans for our family.  When we inquired about taking classes our eyes were opened to the huge need in the area for fostering hurting children. We decided after going to an informational meeting that we would open our home to sibling groups because the need was…

Interviewing April leighliter On her Lipsense business

Interviewing April On her Lipsense business
Q. first question how did you hear about lipsense?
A. My friend threw an online party trying to sell it. I never bought any at that time but months later I needed some extra income so I contacted her about it and started my own business!

Q.question 2 how is your business coming along?

A. It's coming along good! I'm currently trying to increase marketing and get a bigger customer base.

Q. question 4 what is your favorite color of lipstick?

A. Hmmmmm, I think Mulled Wine is probably my favorite. It's a dark Maroon color.

Q.question 4 how long have been with lipsense?

A. 4 Months

Q. 5 how long does the lipstick stay on?

A. Between 4-18 hours!

Q question 6 do you have any good supporters of your business?

A. Right now, mostly friends and family.

Q question 7 how can people find you?