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Hi It's Angelika 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Blog 

I started blogging in 2015 so almost 2 years know, before blogging i was a Kindergarten teachers aid at a local christian school. They no longer need me when they opened a new school
I graduated high school in 2011 with a high school diploma.

I write here on Angelika on the Move 
along with my Facebook page fish adventure 
In the past i was a kindergarten teachers aide.

 I have  pleasure of doing book reviews for many authors  here on my blog,
And interviewing many people as you can see on my blog
And doing many independent product reviews  

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterst and Youtube.

 i am a life style blogger.
who loves to travel and talk about book as a book reviewer. I also enjoy sewing and doing crafts  

A family friendly blogger talking about family fun activity's crafts and family fun. I enjoy reading chapter books that are family friendly.

And sharing my Love for my lord and savior Jesus Christ and talking about my faith.
And my journey with Epilepsy living life tell the fullest,

And sharing recipes and cooking low carb and keto friendly foods,

Please join me on my blogging mission reaching people for Christ and enjoy my blog.

I also really enjoy volunteering many places especially  the library i could go to the library everyday i love to read and do i best as i could do to help my community by volunteering 

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The best way to contact me for book reviews and product reviews is at my email