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Meet Stephanie A memory bear business owner.

MEET Stephanie Grams I’m Stephanie Grams, Mixed Media Artist and Sewing Artist (Sewpreneur) since 1982. Here’s a tad bit of information about me and why I’m moving from my 12+ years in marketing and publicity to this business model. As a little girl …. (yep, I was little at one time) I used to hide in plain sight under my grandmother’s dining room table (a. k. a. sewing table) watching and listening to my mom and grandmother sew. I believe I finally was underfoot long enough that one day they decided to give me my own sewing basket … full of needles, thread, and remnants of fabric from their fashion creations. I learned how to hand sew at the age of 7 and have been studying the art ever since. (In case you wondering, that’s over 35 years years ago). I’ve taught my four daughters to sew, however, only one learned the art of hand sewing, while the others have ventured into abstract painting, fiction writing, and musical instruments. All are creative and artistic. I’ve had the honor and p

Author Interview With Absalon Estudio

  Q1. Please tell me more about yourself? A. My name is Kevyn Gallegos, I write under the name of Absalon and I am the creator of Absalon Estudio, a group that creates manga and illustrated novels I am 25 and I am from the Equator and I am an amateur writer since I am 15 Q2. What are your favorite books to read? A. I like fantasy and thriller books, I also like horror books but not all of them. My favorite book is room 1408  Q3. Do you like coffee or tea? A. I prefer tea, especially chamomile tea Q4. How many books have you written? A. I have two original books, the first one is completed. "The essences of time". This one is in Spanish. The second one is a novel that I am still writing "Paladins: The Knight of misfortune". The first chapter of this novel is available however and it is in Spanish and English. Paladins is the first official work of Absalon Estudio. The story is being written by me and the illustration are made by a Japanese artist. I wrote as well to

Author interview with Sarah Palmer

  Q1. Please tell me more about yourself? I’m an indie author from Sydney, Australia, and a single mum to two teenage girls who I homeschool via Distance Education. I taught children for more than 20 years as an Early Childhood Teacher in several preschool settings and also supervised a Mobile Toy and Book Library for 12 years, improving access to books and literacy experiences to disadvantaged and vulnerable children.  Q2. What are your favorite books to read? A. Children’s picture books are my absolute, forever favorites. I have always adored them and still enjoy reading them now as an adult. I also enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies of people who have overcome challenges and adversity, as well as self-help, motivational and spiritual books.  Q3. Do you like coffee or tea? A. I have always enjoyed a nice cup of tea and have one first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  Q4. How many books have you written? A. I have written several books since I first took an int

Author Interview with Richard Sutton

  Q1.Please tell me more about yourself? A. I’m retired now but used to be in catering, working around the UK north and southern Ireland, South Africa, and Mozambique. I have also run my own business a small hotel and at one time a restaurant (where I burned my fingers clean up to my elbows). I’ve also helped out in boatbuilding and house conversions. I’m now writing as well as getting around to doing one or two things I never had time for. Two of my children live in Australia; my other, the eldest does work that I’m not really allowed to talk about!   Q2. What are your favorite books to read? A. My favorite books are mostly from a few years back (I’m a baby boomer). Most books by Len Deighton, Alistair MacLean Jack Higgins, and Desmond Bagley.   Q3. Do you like coffee or tea? A. Coffee, every time. Q4. How many books have you written? A. Written three books. The first ‘Stormfront’ is published by The Book Guild. The second ‘No Such Ting as Angels’ is in preparation the third I am goin